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People in Europe may find this hard to believe, but many (too many) people in America are afraid of the female breast! American legal powers seem to feel a need to regulate clevage to a degree you just don't see in Europe. During my travels to beaches Italy and Cyprus I found that topless sunbathing ranged from tolerated to common. Even French parts of the Caribbean had no problem with it. The only legal, public beach I've seen in America so far with topless sunbathing is South Beach in Miami Beach, Florida.

If you know about any other publicly accessible beaches in the US which allow topless sunbathing, please let everyone know over in the Beach Top disccusion forum. I'll put them in the list here for others to know about.

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Special Report - Forbes Top Topless

Forbes magazine has an article titled "Top Topless Beaches 2005" in their February 2005 issue (available via PDF). The list itself is presented below with links to the World Beach List pages for each of these beaches. Forbes may tell you where the beaches are but here you can see it on the map.

Please note, any typographic errors in this list were taken directly from the original article's text.

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